Here at Northeastern University, Dining Services strives to continually become greener and more sustainable by implementing programs to create a greener campus. We believe that the health of our eco-system is directly connected to the health of our communities and the people who live in them. Acting responsibly is part of our DNA and we are committed to offering foods that are earth, body and community friendly. We are very proud of our efforts and accomplishments to date and will continue to seek out ways to contribute to a greener campus.

Certified Green Restaurants®


Points awarded in seven environmental categories:

  • Energy
  • Chemical & Pollution Reduction
  • Water
  • Sustainable Food
  • Waste
  • Sustainable Building Materials
  • Disposables

Northeastern is the first college/university in the United States to operate a dining facility that has earned a 3 Star Certified Green Restaurant® distinction in a building that is USGBC LEED Gold certified. Of the 516 Certified Green Restaurants® [February 2016] in the United States, only 226 have achieved the 3 Star status. Northeastern University is home to one of the thirty-two 3 Star Certified Green Restaurants® located in Massachusetts – International Village Dining Hall.

3 Star Certified

2 Star Certified

  1. Argo Tea
  2. Matthews Concessions
  3. Levine Marketplace, Stetson West Eatery and Outtakes
  4. Kigo Kitchen
  5. Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen
  6. Starbucks
  7. Sweet Tomatoes Pizza
  8. Taco Bell Express
  9. UBurger
  10. The West End
  11. Faculty Club
  12. café716
  13. Subway

Red's Best Partnership

We are excited to announce our new partnership with Red's Best, an operations management company that works exclusively with local fishermen, that will bring seafood fresh from the local waters off the coast of New England. Red's Best innovative technology and logistics platform streamlines and accelerates seafood transactions, reducing costs and time between fishermen and consumers. In addition, by sourcing only seafood from "day boats" – boats that only go out for single-day trips – you know the fish has not been sitting in a boat's hold for a week before even being landed. Because of these factors, each catch is handled by less middlemen, thus reducing transaction costs, and drastically reduces the time between catching the fish to serving it on your plate.

Lifecycle Renewables

Lifecycle Renewables is a local company that collects waste fryolator oil from all dining locations on campus, used oil is then converted into biomass fuel. Our contributions since September 2010 have displaced more than 20,000 gallons of local diesel fuel usage.

Herb’s Organic Food Disposal

Northeastern Dining has been partnered with Herb’s Organic Food Disposal, a local organic waste recycling company, for seven years. 525 tons of kitchen and plate food waste is collected annually across campus dining facilities in our Be Green compost bins. Once collected Herb’s Disposal transports the organic food waste to an approved Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection active composting site.

Creekstone Farms

All-Natural Hamburgers

Northeastern Dining has served hamburgers made from naturally and humanely raised cattle since October 2012

Creekstone Farms Standards

Premium beef program based on Black Angus cattle – known as the gold standard for premium beef

Creekstone Farms Commitment to Quality:

  • Raised and grazed in the United States
  • USDA certification
  • Verifiable Black Angus genetics
  • Humane animal treatment
  • High quality corn-based feed

Red Tomato

Plainville, MA-based non-profit established in 1997 that works to deliver fresh, great tasting produce while cultivating a more sustainable, ethical food system Red Tomato works closely with a network of local farmers to gauge demand and distribute products on a scale typically unavailable to a small or mid-sized farm

Local farms include:

  • Plainville Farm – Hadley, MA
  • Davidian Farms – Northborough, MA
  • Twin Oaks Farm – Hadley, MA
  • Wysocki Farms – Amherst, MA
  • Ciesluk Farm – Deerfield, MA
  • Lyman Orchards – Middlefield, CT