Here at Northeastern University, Dining Services strives to continually become greener and more sustainable by implementing programs to create a greener campus. We believe that the health of our eco-system is directly connected to the health of our communities and the people who live in them. Acting responsibly is part of our DNA and we are committed to offering foods that are earth, body and community friendly. We are very proud of our efforts and accomplishments to date and will continue to seek out ways to contribute to a greener campus.

Certified Green Restaurants®

3 Star Certified

Our relationship with the Green Restaurant Association, or GRA, began in 2009 when the International Village residence hall opened. The “green” construction designs of the new residence hall, as well as the sustainability efforts of the International Village Dining team, led the GRA to name both International Village Dining and Peet’s Coffee & Tea/Jamba Juice as two of the only three 3-Star Certified restaurants in Massachusetts. While the number of 3-Star certified restaurants in Massachusetts continues to increase, Northeastern is still the first college or university in the country with a 3-Star Certified dining facility located within a building that has achieved LEED Gold status.

There are 591 certified green restaurants in the country, only 168 have achieved 3-Star status, 26 are in Massachusetts and we have 2 on campus!

2 Star Certified

Since the certifications of International Village Dining and Peet’s Coffee & Tea/Jamba Juice, we have worked closely with the GRA in the process to certify additional dining locations on campus. In 2013 our commitment to sustainability was rewarded with the 2-Star certification of thirteen additional on-campus dining facilities. The new certifications reflect the concerted effort that was made across campus to enhance and develop the sustainability efforts at each location. With newly certified locations ranging from our other major residential dining facility – Levine Marketplace/Stetson West Eatery – and retail dining locations at the Curry Student Center to our operations relating to concessions at Northeastern’s Matthews Arena, these new certifications are indicative of the holistic approach we are taking to sustainability across all of our dining locations.

  1. Argo Tea
  2. Matthews Concessions
  3. Levine Marketplace, Stetson West Eatery and Outtakes
  4. Kigo Kitchen
  5. On The Go
  6. Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen
  7. Starbucks
  8. Sweet Tomatoes Pizza
  9. Taco Bell Express
  10. UBurger
  11. The West End
  12. Faculty Club
  13. café716
  14. Subway

Niman Ranch

We have a partnership with Niman Ranch, which raises livestock traditionally, humanely and sustainably to produce the finest tasting meat in the world.

Niman Ranch Beef is

  • Never given antibiotics – ever
  • Never given added hormones – ever
  • Fed only the finest all-vegetarian feeds
  • 100% of Niman Ranch cattle are born, bred, raised and processed in the US.
  • Humanely raised on environmentally sustainable US Family ranches

Sustainable Ranching Techniques

  • Animals raised on natural pastures
  • Ranchers maintain small herds and practice rotational grazing to prevent soil erosion.
  • Family ranchers are involved with the day to day activities of raising their livestock: therefore, they have a greater stake in the quality of the end product.

Locally Ground Product right here in Massachusetts

  • Niman Ranch beef ground fresh at Dole & Bailey Inc. Woburn MA.

Red's Best Partnership

We are excited to announce our new partnership with Red's Best, an operations management company that works exclusively with local fishermen, that will bring seafood fresh from the local waters off the coast of New England. Red's Best innovative technology and logistics platform streamlines and accelerates seafood transactions, reducing costs and time between fishermen and consumers. In addition, by sourcing only seafood from "day-boats" - boats that only go out for single-day trips - you know the fish has not been sitting in a boat's hold for a week before even being landed. Because of these factors, each catch is handled by less middlemen, thus reducing transaction costs, and drastically reduces the time between catching the fish to serving it on your plate.

Southeastern Massachusetts Agricultural Partnership

Dining Services is now affiliated with Southeastern Massachusetts Agricultural Partnership. SEMAP is dedicated to preserving and expanding access to local food and sustainable farming in Southeastern Massachusetts through research and education.  SEMAP works with farmers and the community to keep working farmland in production.  In addition to protecting our existing regional food supply, safeguarding working farmland maintains a way of life and a treasured landscape.

Lifecycle Renewables

Lifecycle Renewables is a local company that collects waste fryolator oil from all dining locations on campus, used oil is then converted into biomass fuel. Our contributions since September 2010 have displaced more than 20,000 gallons of local diesel fuel usage.

Herb’s Organic Food Disposal

Northeastern Dining has been partnered with Herb’s Organic Food Disposal, a local organic waste recycling company, for seven years. 525 tons of kitchen and plate food waste is collected annually across campus dining facilities in our Be Green compost bins. Once collected Herb’s Disposal transports the organic food waste to an approved Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection active composting site.