Hungry Hungry Husky

Hungry Hungry Husky Food Truck

Dubbed the Hungry Hungry Husky, or H3, as part of a student naming contest, this gourmet kitchen on wheels features an international flair in both the menu and truck design. With the university’s global community, it was only natural to design the truck with an international theme. The full-length vinyl wrap is Northeastern red and features a new aqua H3 logo as well as the word "hungry" written in fifteen different languages:

  1. English: Hungry
  2. Spanish: Tengo hambre
  3. French: j'ai faim
  4. Japanese: 腹ペコ
  5. Russian: голодный
  6. Italian: Ho fame
  7. Thai: ฉันหิว
  8. Chinese: 我餓了
  9. Finnish: Nälkäinen
  10. Arabic: جائع
  11. German: Ich habe Hunger
  12. Hindi: भूक लगी
  13. Swahili: Nina njaa
  14. Hebrew: אני  רעב
  15. Portuguese: estou com fome